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The Future is Here took the AI productivity game to the next level

This week in AI Productivity hacks I will be discussing the application of AI that blew my mind - a software called Rewind. I have been beta testing it for four months, and it has the ability to record anything on your screen, transcribe any voices, and OCR any text. The best part is that it's all kept privately on your hard drive and not on the cloud.

Being Able to seqarch these transcripts and go back to see your screen or listen to the audio from the transcript was already invaluable, but this week the folks at Rewind took it to the next level.

Rewind added a new feature that allows you to ask it questions, and it will use open AI chat GPT-4 to give you a meaningful answer. I give an example of asking what I discussed in a meeting yesterday, and it gave me a detailed answer that I would have otherwise written down in my daily log - so good that I just pasted it as my meeting notes, and even created a task from one of the lines.

I highly recommend Heptabase for your daily log and notes, where you can paste notes from Rewind and turn them into tasks with super tags1 along with your own typed in notes. I will be diving into heptabase over the next few weeks, as it is now the centerpiece fo my workflow.

Rewind is quite frugal on space and has been using only 66 gigs in four months. However, it requires one of the modern Macs to function properly since it uses all the new AI stuff that Apple has.

To get Rewind, all you need to do is go to their website and download it. It's not even a closed beta anymore

Next week in Productivity Hacks

Next week I will be using descript to create an interview between AI and me, with me as the interviewee. you can see it in my instagram reel by clicking here

Tools mentioned


Super tags are used in some recent notes apps, notably Tana, Heptabase and to allow not only tagging a note with what kind of note it is (task, highlight, etc) but also to associate a set of fields with it. In the video you see my #task supertag which included a when field that I use for prioritization and a project field that I use to group them and to filter in my tasks lists. I will be coming back to this topic as it is a major new capability.

AI Productivity Hacks
AI Productivity Hacks
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